Terms and conditions of use of services offered by Tienda de Fotolibros S.A.

This contract (from now on, the “Contract”) describes general terms and conditions which areapplicable to the use of the services offered (the “Services”) by Tienda de Fotolibros, abrand of FP Impresora S.A , with C.U.I.T. number 30-67764589-6 and legal address AntonioBeruti 1560, Florida Oeste, Buenos Aires, República Argentina, inside the following website: tini.tiendadefotolibros.com (the “Site”).Services offered by Tienda de Fotolibros consist of printed photos with a photobook format, customized products which contain images provided and incorporated by the user and other products and/or services not customizables;Any person willing to access and/or use the Site or Services (the “User” or “Users”) may do so, subject to the General Terms and Conditions of the Contract, along with all otherpolicies and principles that govern Tienda de Fotolibros andwhich are incorporated in and are a part hereof by reference.Anyone who does not accept these general terms and conditions, which have mandatory and bindingnature, must refrain from using the Site and/or Services offered in it.The User must read, understand and accept all conditions established in the General Termsand Conditions and in the Privacy Policy, as well as in any other documents incorporated into itby reference, prior to your registration as a user of Tienda de Fotolibros.

I.- Capacity.

Services are only available to people who have the legal capacity to contractaccording to current legislation in the Argentine Republic. Persons who do not have that legal capacity, persons under 18 years of age, Users who have been temporarily suspended or permanently disabledwill not be able to use the services. If you are registering a Company or Organization as a User, you must have the legal capacity to contract on behalf of such entity and to oblige it to fulfill the termsof this Contract.

II.- Registry.

In order tu be a User it is an absolut requirement to fill the inscription form in every fieldwith true and valid information ir order to make uso of services offered by Tienda de Fotolibros.The future User must fill in with its personal information with precision and true data, and will undertakethe comitment of updating its Personal Information when necessary.Tienda de Fotolibros may use many ways to identify its Users, but does not assume any responsibility,and therefore, will not be responsible for the precision and veracity of the Personal Information given by their Users. Users guarantee and respond, in any case, for the veracity, accuracy and authenticityof the Personal Information entered and will be the only and exclusively responsible for it.Tienda de Fotolibros reserves the right to request any proof and/or additional informationfor the purposes of verifing the Personal Information, as well as suspending temporarily ordefinitely those Users whose data could not be confirmed or who are providing incomplete, inaccurateor false information.The User will access their personal account ("Account") by entering their Usernameand Password registered in Facebook or Google. The User agrees to maintain the confidentiality of the Password.The Account is personal, unique and non-transferable. In case Tienda de Fotolibros detectsdifferent Accounts that contain matching or related data from the same person orUser, it may cancel, suspend or disable those accounts without giving the User the right to claim orbe compensated.The User will be responsible for all the operations carried out in his Account, since theAccess to it is restricted to the use of its Username and Password, which knowledge isexclusive to the User. Once the Password is registered by the User, it will beencrypted in such a way that Tienda de Fotolibros, its directors and employees will not be able toto know or access it in any way. The User agrees to notify Tienda de Fotolibros immediately and by suitable and reliable means, any unauthorized use of the account, as well as the entry by unauthorizedthird parties to it. It is clarified that the sale, assignment or transfer of the Account is forbidden.Tienda de Fotolibros reserves the right to reject any application to register orto cancel a previously accepted registration, without being obliged to communicatethe reasons for their decision and without generating any right for compensation of any kind.When accepting these Terms and Conditions, the User agrees that oncemade any purchase of the products and services offered by Tienda de Fotolibros, it cannot make any cancelation or claim, since it was previously accepted that the purchases made are final without any possibility of changes. By virtue of the terms and conditions previously established, User agrees to refrain from claiming the cancellation, modification, discount or any other way, the non-acceptance of the commitment to pay by any of the means chosen, the total amount to which it is obliged, including the costs for home delivery,charges for storage and handling of goods.

III.- Contract Changes.

Tienda de Fotolibros may change its General Terms and Conditions at any time by posting the modified termson the site. Any change made to the terms will take effect ten (10) days after it is published.Within five (5) days after the publication of the changes introduced, the User mustsent an email to consultations@tiendadefotolibros.com.ar if it do not accept them.Once this period has expired, the User will be deemed to accept the new terms and the Contractwill continue to bind both parties; in case the changes are not accepted, the contractual link will be dissolved and you your account will be canceled as long as you have no debts still to pay. Any change made to the General Terms and Conditions of theContract will be made based on the principle of good faith, according to law andwithout affecting the Users acquired rights.

IV.- Information Privacy.

To use the Services offered by Tienda de Fotolibros, Users mustprovide and inform certain personal information. Your personal information isprocessed and stored on servers that will maintain high standards ofsecurity and protection, both physical and technological. For further information about theprivacy of Personal Information and cases in which personal information will be disclosed,you can check our Privacy Policies.


User registration details are subject to confidentiality measuresthat are described in this document and in our Privacy Policies. Tienda de Fotolibrosundertakes not to disclose confidential information but only in the cases mentioned before.

.- Users obligations.

The User knows and accepts that every photograph, image, message and item (from now on CONTENT)which are accessed through the website: tini.tiendadefotolibros.com.ar are sole and exclusiveresponsibility of the person who generated the CONTENT. The User agrees not to use the service provided by the website ("tini.tiendadefotolibros.com.ar") to publish, send by email or othermedia, photos, images or messages: 1. Impersonating other person or entity, orfalsifying your association with any person or entity; 2. In any way they couldharm, affect or alter people and, especially, minors; 3. Containingadult, erotic or pornographic material or that may be interpreted lewd material as Tienda de Fotolibros does not intend to constitute itself as a forum for its exhibition, since theUser acknowledges and accepts that Tienda de Fotolibros prohibits and will restrict, at its discretion,any content that is not in accordance with good customs, morals and legalityapplicable; without specifying an album password that restricts public access; 4. That is illegal, or considered to be dangerous, threatening, abusive, extortionate, harassing, devious,defamatory, vulgar, obscene, pornographic, indecent, offensive, racist, libelous,invasive to the privacy right, hateful, discriminatory, or any other way which isoffensive to third parties; 5. That violate any patent, trademark, trade secret,intimacy and privacyrights, copyright or any intellectual property rights of some third party; 6. Who stalk or harass a third party; or are intended to collect orsave personal information about other users. 7. Through falsification of headers or any other type of manipulation of identifiers, divert the origin of some CONTENT transmitted through Tienda de Fotolibros; 8. Unsolicited or unauthorized promotional materials, request mail (junk mail, spam), chain letters, pyramid schemes or any other form of application, 9. That violates any applicable local, federal, national or international normative. In the event of non-compliance of any of the conditionspreviously mentioned, Tienda de Fotolibros may immediately cancel your Account on the site. TheUser will not be able to publish in tini.tiendadefotolibros.com.ar any Password ofalbums containing adult material,it must be sent privately throughan invitation from tini.tiendadefotolibros or other means, to those you wantto access the album. The User accepts and acknowledges that Tienda de Fotolibros does not control orsupervises, nor assumes responsibility - and therefore will not be liable in any way - about the veracity, accuracy and content of the data, images, photographs,messages or other material published by Users on the website or by the use given to that data. Tienda de Fotolibros service is limited solely and exclusively toprovide access to tini.tiendadefotolibros.com.ar website for the User to publishits data, images, photographs and messages, therefore it does not participate in any way of theuse that could be made of these. Anyway, Tienda de Fotolibros has the right,but not the obligation, in its sole discretion, to reject or remove any CONTENTpublished, with or without Password, by the User who considers inappropriate, either by virtueof a judicial or administrative requirement, or to its sole understanding. The User acceptsand agrees that Tienda de Fotolibros may retain and/or disclose the CONTENT if it isrequired by law or if it is believed in good faith that such reservation or disclosure is necessaryto: 1. comply with legal processes; 2. enforce Terms and Conditions of theContract; 3. respond to complaints about any CONTENT violating the rights ofthird parties; or 4. Protect the rights, property or personal safety of Tienda de Fotolibros, their Users and the general public.

VI.- System or Database Violations.

No action or use of device, software, or other means is allowed tointerfere both in activities and systems of Tienda de Fotolibros and in itsdescriptions, accounts or databases. Any meddling,attempt or activity that violates or is contrary to laws about property rights,intellectual property and/or prohibitions stipulated in this Contract will be the responsibility of theUser, regarding the pertinent legal actions, and the sanctions provided by thisagreement, as well as the responsibility for holding Tienda de Fotolibros and itsmanagers and employees and to compensate them for damages caused.

VII.- Sanctions. Ceasing of operations.

Tienda de Fotolibros will warn, temporarily suspend orwill permanently disable a User's Account and initiate the actions it deemsrelevant, and will not provide its Services if: (a) any law is broken, or anyof the stipulations of the General Terms and Conditions of this Contract and otherannexes that make it up and complement it; (b) if you breach your commitments as a User; (c)if, at the discretion of Tienda de Fotolibros, the user incurred in malicious conduct or fraudulentacts; (d) the identity of the User or any other information could not be verified or theinformation provided is erroneous, inaccurate or false; (e) Tienda de Fotolibrosunderstands that the photographs, images or messages or other actions may be the cause ofresponsibility for the User who published them for Tienda de Fotolibros. In the case ofsuspension or disabling of a User, all photographs, images or messages will also be removed from the system, without the right to claim or compensation of any kind to theUser.

VIII.- System flaws.

Tienda de Fotolibros is not responsible for any damage, harm or loss to the Usercaused by failures in the system, on the server or on the Internet. Tienda de Fotolibroswill not be responsible for any virus that could infect the user's computer as aconsequence of the access, use or examination of its website or as a result of any transfer ofdata, files, images, texts, or audio content in it. Users CANNOTimpute any responsibility or demand payment for lost profits, by virtue of resulting damagesfrom technical difficulties or failures in the systems or on the Internet. Tienda deFotolibros does not guarantee continued or uninterrupted access and use of its site. The systemmay eventually be unavailable due to technical difficulties or Internet crashes,or for any other circumstance beyond Tienda de Fotolibros; in such cases, it will be sought toreestablish it as quickly as possible without being able to impose any type ofof responsibility. Tienda de Fotolibros will not be responsible for any errors or omissionscontained on its website.

IX.- Rates. Billing.

Registering in Tienda de Fotolibros is free. Users should ask for the rates of adquired services by emailto: consultas@tiendadefotolibros.com.ar

X.- Intelectual Property. Links.

The contents of the screen related to Tienda de Fotolibros services as well asthe programs, databases, networks, files that allow the User to access anduse its Account, are owned or used under license of Tienda de Fotolibros andare protected by laws and international treaties of copyright, trademarks,patents, models and industrial designs. Misuse and total or partial reproductionof those contents are prohibited, unless they it is expressly and written authorized by Tienda deFotolibros, if applicable. The Site may contain links to other websites which does notindicate that they are owned or managed by Tienda de Fotolibros. As a consecuence of this, it will NOT be responsible for the content, materials, actions and/or services provided by them, nor for damage or loss caused by the use of the these sites, whether they are caused directly or indirectly.The presence of links to other websites does not imply a partnership, association, joint venture,relationship, approval, or endorsement of Tienda de Fotolibros to those sites and their contents.

XI.- Liability and compensation.

The User accepts and acknowledges that Tienda de Fotolibros is not and will not be responsible for anydamage or harm, direct or indirect, derived from the use of the websitetini.tiendadefotolibros.com.ar. The User assumes full responsibility towards Tienda de Fotolibros and third parties for damages of all kinds that are generated asconsequence of the use of the website tini.tiendadefotolibros.com.ar, having the User an obligation toindemnify and keep Tienda de Fotolibros and third parties harmless from any claim ordemand made by a third party due to the CONTENT, or arising from the CONTENT that theUser may present, advertise or transmit through tini.tiendadefotolibros.com.ar, theviolation of the Terms and Conditions of the Contract, or violation of any laws orrights of a third party, including reasonable attorneys' fees.

XII.- Tienda de Fotolibros Property Rights

The User accepts and agrees that tini.tiendadefotolibros.com.ar and any software (from no onSOFTWARE) necessary used in regards with tini.tiendadefotolibros.com.ar containsconfidential property and information which is protected under applicable laws ofintellectual property and others. In addition, the User accepts and agrees that thecontent included in promoter advertisements or information presented throughtini.tiendadefotolibros.com.ar or advertisers, is protected by copyright,trademarks, service marks, patents, and other property rights and laws. TheUser agrees not to modify, rent, lease, loan, sell,distribute or create derivative works based on tini.tiendadefotolibros.com.ar or the SOFTWARE,in whole or in part.

XIII.- Responsibility Scope

Tienda de Fotolibros does not control, supervise or is responsible in any way for thequality, safety, origin, characteristics and other elements of the products and/orservices advertised in tini.tiendadefotolibros.com.ar, nor the transport and/or delivery of thegoods acquired through its SERVICE. Similarly, in casethird parties offer products and/or services in tini.tiendadefotolibros.com.ar, Tienda de Fotolibros does not control or supervises, nor it is responsible for the veracity, validity and accuracy of the descriptionmade by sellers, or compliance with legal requirements to offer andsell the products, nor the ability and legitimacy of sellers to advertise andsell their goods and services. Tienda de Fotolibros will not be responsible for any damage orharm, direct or indirect, derived from the acquisition of a product and/or serviceoffered in tini.tiendadefotolibros.com.ar. Tienda de Fotolibros does not grant any guaranteeregarding the products, goods and services offered in tini.tiendadefotolibros.com.ar norwill be responsible for them, having to address any claim to their manufacturers,sellers, importers, distributors or suppliers. The User will be fully responsibleto Tienda de Fotolibros and third parties for damages of all kinds which may begenerated as a consequence of their NON-COMPLIANCE in the use of the service offered intini.tiendadefotolibros.com.ar

XIV.- Jurisdiction and Applicable Law. Address.

Any controversy arising from this agreement, its existence, validity,interpretation, scope or compliance, will be submitted to the Business Center ofMediation and Arbitration, in accordance with the current regulations of said Court. Headquartersof arbitration will be in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Federal Capital of theArgentine Republic and the procedures will be carried out in Spanish. ThisAgreement will be governed in all its terms and aspects by the laws in force in the Argentine Republic. Tienda de Fotolibros sets address on Antonio Beruti 1560, West Florida of Buenos Aires, Postal Code 1604, Argentine Republic. In case of any doubt about the General Terms and Conditions or other policies andprinciples that govern Tienda de Fotolibros you can contact usto consultations@tiendadefotolibros.com.ar.